Rapp, C., Margarov, G., Gulbahar, Y., Zhurbina, N., Shykova, O., (2014). Implementing Teaching Innovations in Eastern European Universities [poster]. ICDE International Conference: Connecting the World through Open, Distance and E-learning. Moscow: Russia.

ICDE Konferans

ABSTRACT: In this paper we present the outcomes of two international projects1 , both dealing primarily with innovations implemented in Eastern European academic teaching. The outcomes are publicly available in Russian, plus most are also in English, and some in Armenian and Ukrainian. In this session we aim to publicise the results, share our experiences from the implementation, and discuss best practices. We also seek to link up with others who are active in this area, and to seek out potential synergies and to discuss prospective future projects.

KEY WORDS: Technology Enhanced Learning, Social Media, Teaching Innovation, Distance Learning, Blended learning

Ayrıntılı bilgi için: http://eng.mesi.ru/upload/iblock/a88/Conference%20Proceedings%20part%201.pdf