Kalelioğlu, F., & Gülbahar, Y. (2014). The Effect of Instructional Techniques on Critical Thinking and Critical Thinking Dispositions in Online Discussion. Educational Technology & Society, 17 (1), 248–258.

Abstract The aim of this research study was to explore the effect of instructional techniques on critical thinking and critical thinking dispositions in online discussion, based on triangulation design. Six Thinking Hats, Brainstorming, Role Playing, Socratic Seminar, and Anyone Here an Expert, were selected as an instructional techniques for online discussion. In the quantitative part, according to the results of ANOVA, except Socratic Seminar, there is no difference between groups in terms of scores of pre-tests and post-tests of critical thinking dispositions. In the qualitative part, according to the results of the analysis of critical thinking in online discussion, the Mixed Techniques group performed as having the best ability of critical thinking, the Anyone Here an Expert group was second and the Brainstorming group was third in terms of performing critical thinking ability in online discussion.

Keywords Instructional techniques, Critical thinking, Critical thinking dispositions, Online discussion

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